specialty uniforms

Dangerous jobs need uniforms that can stand up to those dangers. Clean Uniforms and More! is stocked and ready to get you the specialty uniforms your business needs. Wherever occupational dangers exist, Clean Uniforms and More! has products to contend with them!

Protect Your Employees with Top-of-the-Line Clothing

The job doesn’t need to be any more dangerous. Between biological hazards, chemical dangers, flammable materials, or any other danger, we’ve got the clothes that can handle it. 

Flame-Retardant Wear

The base-line staple of any hazardous job, flame-retardant wear is well-suited to many environments in many industries. Whether there is a risk for arc flash, fire flash, and/or explosive situations, our flame-retardant wear is built to combat it.


Few materials protect as well as Nomex. Nomex is flame-resistant. That means that, instead of batting fire away with non-combustible off-gases, Nomex simply rejects them.

Burn Sleeves

Burn sleeves are an invaluable addition to professions that need arm protection against wounds and burns. Factory workers, industrial workers, and cooks benefit from heat and wound resistance and the freedom of movement offered. 

Clean Room

Industries that utilize sterile rooms need to ensure the clean room suits they use will keep them that way. With Clean Uniforms and More!, you can rest assured your sensitive projects will go unencumbered by contamination. 

High Visibility 

Most industries benefit from high-visibility wear. Construction, industrial, warehouse, maintenance, electrical, can all benefit from increased visibility of their workers. Clean Uniforms and More! Has hi-vis wear that is bright, durable, and comfortable. 

Clean Uniforms and More! is Your Premier Industrial Uniform Provider!

No matter the need, Clean Uniforms and More! has the inventory to satisfy. If you’re looking for a ready, industry-leading provider of industrial uniforms for every use then give us a call at (800)32-CLEAN, visit our website, or get started with a free quote!