Facility Product Programs

Our variety of product programs assures that your facility stays safe and clean.

A Wide Variety of Our Facility Service Products Programs

All Clean Uniforms and More! facility service programs are personalized for any size company and in any industry.

You will have your own Clean Uniforms and More! service rep who will create custom programs suited to your specific needs. Plus, you will have the opportunity to sample products for free, which will ensure that your selection is ideal for your needs.

Facility Products

We can develop a custom facility service program suited to your specific needs.

lockers and Storage

We offer many storage solutions for clean and soiled garments and towels.

  • Garment
  • 8-Bank Garment
  • Soiled Garment
  • Towel
  • Soiled Towel
  • Economy
  • Hanger Racks
  • Garment Storage Racks
  • Garment Divider Rings


Clean Uniforms and More! carries a variety of easy-to-use dispensing systems for any location or application.

  • Industrial Dispensing Systems
    These heavy-duty pump mechanisms can dispense over a gallon of heavy grit cleanser.
  • Commercial Dispensing Systems
    These cosmetically-pleasing units are constructed of non-breakable, durable modern plastics. Available in manual or automatic hands-free models. They feature refill cartridges and are routinely changed by a Clean Uniforms and More! service rep.

Odor Control

Enjoy the benefit of continuous, long-lasting fragrances that combat odors in restrooms, washrooms, locker rooms, trash areas and other locations with 24/7/365 automatic dispensing systems. Fragrance cartridges are routinely replaced by your Clean Uniforms and More! service rep.

  • Dripmaster Systems and Scent Refills
  • Swiss Air Freshening Systems and Fragrance Cartridges


Keep your facility’s restrooms clean and welcoming.

  • Disposable Urinal and Toilet Mats
  • Alco Toilet Seat Cleansers


Our soap products are available in foam or waterless as well as anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

  • Handmaster Pumicized Soap
  • Economaster Lotion Soap
  • Skin Sanitizers
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