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We are a third-generation family-owned uniform service company.

The Evolution of Clean Uniforms and More!

We are a New England-based, family-owned-and-managed company that is large enough to exceed client expectations, yet perfectly sized to provide true personal attention. Our goal is clear: deliver the best possible, most cost-effective rental program to ensure the success of your business with a safer and more productive workforce. For 100 years, our family has been helping thousands of companies by providing superior products delivered with top-notch service.

Part 1: Coming to America

In the early summer of 1913, a young non-English-speaking Polish immigrant arrived at Ellis Island, New York, United States of America.

Part 2: A Very Resourceful Young Man

To understand John’s frame of mind, you need to understand his childhood in Poland.

Part 3: Early Training as a Weaver Pays Off

New Bedford Cotton mills employed thousands of employees.

Part 4: A New Venture

John returned to the United States after the war and opened a grocery store with a partner.

Part 5: The Founding of a Home Laundry

Home washing machines as we know them today were not in very many homes during those years.

Part 6: A New Wash-Rite Emerges

In 1955, John stepped back and appointed his son, Al Bodzioch, to oversee and take charge of the business.

Part 7: The Business Is Expanded

Al expanded Wash-Rite in the mid 1950’s by opening Wash-Rite Launderamas.

Part 8: Wash-Rite Work Clothes Rental Service Becomes Clean Uniforms and More!

There was no doubt in anybody’s mind what services the company provided.

Part 9: Clean Keeps Growing

In 1979, Al’s son Mark joined Clean to head up operations and Al’s daughter Ann joined her brother nearly 20 years later.

Part 10: Clean Today

Once garments enter the Clean Service Center, “On-Trak” follows and scans each separate garment travelling through each process.

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