When looking for smocks, only the best in the healthcare uniform industry will do. Clean Uniforms has garments your healthcare facility would be delighted to use. 

Why Use Smocks from Clean Uniforms?

Clean Uniforms has a century of history working in the uniform industry. Only a company as experienced as us can provide the smocks that healthcare professionals need. With Clean Uniforms, customers get:


Smocks from Clean Uniforms are effective protection against harmful chemicals, bloodborne pathogens, and cross-contamination. No matter the situation, our healthcare uniforms will withstand it. Each is designed to manage heavy use and maintain the same level of quality throughout their lifespan. The fabrics we use in our uniforms maximize comfort and help healthcare workers focus on the task at hand. 


Cleanliness is paramount to any successful healthcare operation. That’s why our smocks are regularly washed in our commercial laundry facilities. We are able to remove any hazardous materials or bacteria from each product with a thorough cleaning. Our tracking system helps us keep an eye out for even the tiniest breaches in each of our smocks. We repair what we can and replace what we can’t to ensure everything is ready when returned to clients.


With over 100 years of service comes Clean Uniforms’s focus on customer satisfaction and retention. We offer a variety of customizable options for healthcare professionals. Since healthcare facilities often operate at all hours, so do our customer care specialists. Any problem or concern that may arise is dealt with quickly and efficiently. We also want our customers to keep coming back so we offer them the highest quality for the most competitive rates. 

Clean Uniforms is Your One-Stop Shop for High-Quality Smocks

If you’re looking for premium smocks at affordable prices then Clean Uniforms has you covered! Start today by calling us (508) 996-3333 or fill out this form for a free quote.


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