Kitchen Wear

kitchen wear

Quality kitchen wear for your restaurant, business, or cafe is necessary to have on hand. With Clean Uniforms and More!, you can rest assured that your kitchen wear needs will be met with quality, integrity, and superior customer service. 

We Have What You Need

No matter the needs of your restaurant or the specifications of your employees, Clean Uniforms and More! is here to supply it.

Cook Shirts

The last person you want to be uncomfortable is the person working over the stove. It’s hot, steamy, and demanding work. A quality cook shirt, made of either breathable cotton, water and stain-resistant polyester, or a blend, could make the difference between a good and a bad night.

Cook Pants

Cooks deserve consistent, reliable comfort no matter the situation in the kitchen. The cook pants provided by Clean Uniforms provide a level of comfort and cleanliness that helps your employees stay focused no matter what.

Cook/Food Handler Apparel

Food handlers also face challenges. They’re constantly moving, balancing, negotiating with customers, and communicating with the chefs. It’s not a job that needs poorly-fitted or low-quality material chafing, staining, or pooling sweat. Quality materials, cut right and sharp, will keep your food handler’s mind on what matters.


We’ve also got pants for any position in the kitchen. Breathable, stain- and liquid-resistant, and flexible, the last thing you’ll get complaints about from your staff are our pants.

Chef Coats

Every captain needs a uniform establishing them as the director of their ship. For chefs, it’s their coat. There’s no mistaking the white, pristine double button. No matter how good your chef is, you’ll want a material that’s stain- and liquid-resistant while being cool and breathable. Clean Uniforms and More! will make that happen.

For a Clean Business, Choose Clean Uniforms and More!

Clean Uniforms and More! has been in the business for over 100 years. That means we know what it takes to deliver consistent quality with reliability and superior customer service. If you’re looking for a kitchen wear uniform supplier, you’ve found the right one in Clean Uniforms and More! Contact us today at (800) 32-CLEAN. 

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