Pleated Front Pants

Pleated Front Pants

Pleated front pants are a classic garment and a staple of any wardrobe worth their salt! They are a versatile option for businesses looking to uphold their image and elevate employee performance with a uniform as durable as it is comfortable. Clean Uniforms and More! pants combine the best in style, comfort, and functionality. This allows your staff to put their best foot forward and bring their best throughout the workday.


Pleats allow the fabric to expand and contract as you move, which makes them ideal for activities that require a lot of movement, such as walking or bending. They also prevent issues like pocket puckering and seam tension, which can be common problems with pants not designed to move with the body.


Our pleated pants feature the same industry-leading quality fabrics that are infused in every product of our versatile catalog. Our seamless cotton and polyester blends prioritize comfort, encouraging optimal productivity with the peace of mind that comfort brings. Clean Uniforms offers a range of pleated front pants in different colors and sizes to suit your style and fit. They are also available in different lengths, making it easy to find the pair that fits just right.

Designed to Endure

Pleated front pants are a fan favorite thanks to their stylish flare and unwavering comfort and durability. They’re less likely to wrinkle than traditional flat-front pants, which means that they can be worn longer without sacrificing integrity, saving you time, money, and the managerial hassle of constant repairs and replacements.

Personal Touch

Pleated front pants from Clean Uniforms are a versatile and functional option for any business looking to outfit their employees in a comfortable pair of pants that aren’t afraid to inject a little personal flare in the workplace.

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Pleated front pants are a classic and timeless garment. Project your ideal image while honoring the standards of cleanliness and safety that enable your staff to put their best foot forward every day. Contact us at (800) 32-CLEAN, or email us to learn more about our products and services.

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