Solid Poplin Shirts

For a clean, professional look in any setting.

Work shirts make a huge difference in employee performance, professionalism, and appearance. Finding the right ones for your employees is a juggling act between providers, designs, and fits. Solid poplin shirts are a great example of professional work attire that gets the job done while remaining comfortable and stylish. 

Clean Uniforms Provides Solid Poplin Shirts for New England Businesses

Businesses in New England looking for reliable poplin work shirts should look no further than Clean Uniforms and More! We are a third-generation family-owned business with over a century of experience providing businesses with work attire. Our solid poplin shirts are:


Regardless of the industry, no one likes working while feeling uncomfortable. It’s a major distraction that adversely affects productivity, company loyalty, and more. Through Clean Uniforms, you can provide employees with comfortable solid poplin shirts with soft, durable material built to last. Our shirts retain their high-quality material for long periods of time, ensuring staff is always comfortable on the job.


In order to maintain the appearance and feel of our solid poplin shirts, we launder each one ourselves. We utilize advanced laundry machinery and tracking technology to ensure every item is clean and fully functional for our clients. Our route service representatives will oversee each shirt and ensure it is returned as good as new every time. They will also take inventory of your supply to make sure there are no missing or damaged items.


Clean Uniforms offers many different colors and aesthetic choices to choose from. We also provide options available for a wide variety of measurements. This way, every staff member has what they need to look stylish and professional.

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