If your staff works in a fast-paced and dangerous environment, they’ll need the right tools to succeed. Speedsuits are an excellent way of providing your staff with easy, quick access to protection. However, most providers won’t provide the level of quality that you and your team can rely on. There’s only one business in New England that provides speedsuits worthy of your business:

Clean Uniforms Has the Reliable Speedsuits Your Workers Need!

Clean Uniforms and More! has over 100 years of experience in the industry. We provide tools that help empower employees to perform at their best such as our high-quality speedsuits. Our products are:


The entire purpose of a speedsuit is providing the wearer quick to remove and wear protection from the more dangerous elements of their jobs. That’s why Clean Uniforms ensures every speedsuit is ergonomic regardless of the wearer. They can be equipped and removed in just a few seconds and ensure a wide range of movement for your staff the entire time. 


Our focus on ergonomic function doesn’t distract from the durability of our speedsuits. We thoroughly test each item to ensure it withstands the worst imaginable conditions. This way, your staff isn’t just quickly protected but effectively protected as well. 


Clean Uniforms keeps a close eye on every speedsuit in our commercial laundry facilities. We use sophisticated tracking technology, advanced laundry machinery, and a team of industry experts as a safeguard against rips, stains, or imperfections of any kind. We also monitor your stock to ensure your employees always have the protection they need on hand!

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