Counter Coats

Hectic days have nothing on your best employees, especially when they have the right tools and the right garments on them. For better comfort and productivity, get your counter coats only from Clean Uniforms and More!

Clean Uniforms and More! offers the most complete solutions for your counter coat needs. We offer:

Superior Garment Durability

Our counter coats are hand-picked with the highest regard for quality. With superior materials and even better construction, you can trust that your counter coats will withstand the most demanding shifts and intensive washing.

Excellent Wearability

Our counter coats are created for maximum wearability and functionality. They’re made of breathable fabrics that move with the wearer, promoting ease of movement. With a superior functional design, these counter coats help make even the most hectic of days more bearable.

Flexible Uniform Program Options

Clean Uniforms and More! lets you choose the best option for your business. We offer full counter coat rentals, leases, and outright purchases.

Clean Uniforms and More!: The Best Solutions for Your Needs

The best solution is always the one that works. That’s exactly what Clean Uniforms and More! can give you: the freedom of choice. At Clean Uniforms and More!, you can choose between buying, renting, or leasing your uniforms. Whether you’re choosing for convenience, cost-efficiency, or full uniform control, we ensure consistently high-quality uniforms for your needs.

No matter how big or small your facility is, there’s a perfect solution for your uniform needs. Clean Uniforms and More! has them all.

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