100% Cotton Shirts

100% Cotton Shirts

Few things are as timeless as a well-fitting cotton shirt. This tried-and-true classic is appropriate for almost any occasion. When made well, 100% cotton shirts are wardrobe essentials you’ll never go without.

100% Cotton Shirts from Clean Uniforms and More!

Clean Uniforms knows the magic that simple pleasures can bring. Luxurious cotton garments shouldn’t be reserved for just fashion week. Fit your employees with the best quality linens, the Clean Uniforms way.

Style and Comfort

Who said you can have one but not the other? Clean Uniforms and More! won’t settle for less. Looking good while feeling good are crucial elements to bringing your A-game. Whether under the spotlight or behind the scenes, let your employees reflect the success of your business with plush 100% cotton shirts.

Beauty in Strength

One of the many benefits of sporting a 100% cotton shirt is the durability that complements the look. Resisting wear and tear during the long workweek helps relieve the headache of constantly replacing garments, saving you time and money.


We embrace individualism, which is why we develop cotton shirts to custom-fit your workforce. To ensure a consistently satisfactory fit, our employees try on samples of the garments instead of cutting corners with basic tape measuring. Let your uniform be an extension of your business with custom-embroidered emblems and patches.

Professional Care

Clean Uniforms and More! uses the “Team Tag Alert System” to make alterations and repairs a walk in the park. Attach the “Team Tag Alert” tag to your item, and our team of experts will repair or replace it quickly.

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Between developing premier 100% cotton shirts, ensuring a perfect fit, executing fast deliveries, and maintaining your inventory, Clean Uniforms and More! is the #1 option. Call us today at (800) 32-CLEAN or reach out online to learn more about our products and services!

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