There aren’t many things as classic and timeless as cleanly pressed, spotless, well-fitting t-shirts. Their beauty is in their versatility. Whether you pair them with formal wear or something casual, they’ll suit any occasion with style and class.

Clean Uniforms and More! knows the power of a high-quality t-shirt and the positive first impression it leaves. The concept of t-shirts has been around for decades, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we complement its subtle elegance with that trademark quality Clean Uniforms applies to its entire catalog.

Tried and True

A Clean Uniforms t-shirt is a must-have essential to project an image of professionalism while keeping a relaxed and approachable appearance. Our t-shirts are inspired by classic designs that withstand changing trends while incorporating cutting-edge quality unrivaled by others in our industry.

Old-Fashioned Charm

We elevate the customer experience by doing away with the frills and unwanted add-ons that don’t reflect the ideal image for your business. We raise the bar with custom options ranging from an array of colors to custom logos that promote your brand while honoring that old-fashioned charm of the classic tee.

Look Good, Feel Better

There’s something to be said about the connection between appearance and performance. Equipping your staff with subpar workwear leaves a negative impression on guests and impacts employee performance. Ensure they look their best so they can be their best.

Backed by Results

Clean Uniforms removes the hassle from uniform service with efficient deliveries, advanced inventory tracking technology, and industrial laundry facilities. Our tireless customer service team removes the stress around repairs, replacements, and management so your business can focus on what matters – the customer.

Confidence is Key

Clean Uniforms and More! empowers your business. Whether buying, renting, or leasing, we have solutions tailored to you. Fire on all cylinders with confidence in knowing you have the support of a company on the cutting edge. 

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