golf shirts

No company outing on the golf course is complete without the right company-representative golf shirts. Don’t let the competition outshine your team. From the tee-box to the office, a quality, comfortable shirts reminds your team that you’re in this together. Sometimes, that’s all that’s all you need for success. Here’s what golf shirts from Clean Uniforms and More! will get your team:

Customization Services

The difference between a team with generic polos and matching color and embroideries is identity itself. Without identifying features on your shirts, there’s little difference between them and anyone else. You’re there with a purpose and a mission. Whether you’re on the job or having fun, customized golf shirts for your team is the best way to accomplish your goals. 

Moisture Wicking Properties

When the heat is on, sweat can be a problem. From hindering flexibility to general discomfort, a sweat-soaked golf shirt does no favors. To limit the variables keeping your employees from playing to their best abilities, they need shirts that keep the sweat off of them. That’s exactly what you get when your golf shirts are from Clean Uniforms and More! 

Comfortable and Flexible Design 

Your team needs to be able to access their full range of motion. A poorly fitted or engineered shirt will cause problems. From limiting range of motion to retaining heat and humidity, the shirts worn by your team should be an asset, not a liability. Clean Uniforms and More! knows what it takes to make quality golf shirts, and knows what’s required of them. We offer both pique and performance knit shirts for your comfort and convenience.

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Sometimes, all that’s needed to get the win is a push in the team-spirit direction. Quality, customized golf shirts by a professional provider might just be the push your team is looking for. For more information on our customized golf shirts, give Clean Uniforms and More! a call at (800) 32-CLEAN, visit our website, or contact us here.