Scrub Shirts

Scrub Shirts

In healthcare, having quality safeguards in place that withstand the grueling nature of the industry is crucial in assuring exceptional care for the patient and protecting the staff that tirelessly care for them. Durable, spotless scrub shirts do much more than reflect an ideal business image. When done correctly, they’re an effective defense against the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria present in health facilities. Clean Uniforms and More! commits to going above and beyond in crafting first-class garments to empower staff to bring their best for their patients.


Clean Uniforms and More! understands that mistakes in healthcare carry far graver consequences than in other industries. When it comes to quality, we bring our unwavering commitment to crafting durable, absorbent, high-quality scrub shirts capable of withstanding the rigors and unpredictabilities of a long shift. We honor the strictest sanitary standards to minimize the risk of infections that derail recovery.


Outfitting your staff in a scrub shirt that blends comfort and functionality empowers them to look and feel their best. This improves productivity and impacts the patient in noticeable ways. Achieving the perfect harmony in a cotton and polyester blend that repels nature’s elements and absorbs moisture while maintaining its form is essential to providing a comprehensively stellar service.

Full Service

Clean Uniforms elevates your health facility through an extended catalog of consistently high-quality, dependable products and services. With streamlined delivery systems, inventory management via our Tag Team Alert System, industrial cleaning facilities, and hassle-free repair and replacement programs, your staff is equipped with the tools they need for optimal performance.

Peace of Mind

Our healthcare heroes confront distractions and unique challenges every day. Multi-tasking is par for the course as they’re pulled in several different directions to care for their patients. Clean Uniforms brings peace of mind to the table by alleviating the headaches that distract from what truly matters. Our scrub shirts, backed by outstanding service, make us the #1 provider in our industry. We adapt to changing methods and best practices in healthcare to stay at the forefront of innovation. 

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