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Can’t find the towels that you need? Clean Uniforms and More! might just have the answer!

Introducing: Clean Uniforms and More! specialty towel service. For your more specific and more challenging cleaning needs, Clean Uniforms and More! has the right towel for that.

Specialty Towels from Clean Uniforms and More!

Clean Uniforms and More! has a wide variety of towels for use in various industries and cleaning needs. Our specialty towel service can address your needs for gentle or tough cleaning, or for use with more specialized cleaning solutions – all with the same reliable assurance of quality and cleanliness you’ve come to expect from Clean Uniforms and More!

  • Gentle on surfaces. Need delicate cleaning towels? Clean Uniforms and More! can get you that as well! Our specialty towel services are designed for your more specific cleaning needs. Our wide selection of towels and even wider sourcing network will make sure we find the right solutions for even your most delicate cleaning needs.  
  • Tough on dirt. We have specialty towels that are ideal for even the toughest messes. No matter how challenging it can get, trust that Clean Uniforms and More! can find you the right towels for that.
  • Resilient against intense and repeated washing. Our specialty towels are also designed for optimum durability. No matter how hard or how intense the use or laundry requirements are, our specialty towels are not ones to budge. Made with high-quality materials and expert construction, you can expect to get more use out of each towel compared to regular, store-bought towels.

Get Better and Go Further with Clean Uniforms and More!

Clean Uniforms and More! is all about satisfaction. With 100 years of industry experience to back up our skills and expertise, you can always trust that we know what we are doing and we can do it excellently. Every. Single. Time.

We’ll take away all the hassle, headaches, and any other inconveniences that come with managing your business’s towels and give you a clean, reliable, always-safe and ready-to-use stock of towels.

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