Print Towels

Your equipment is too precious and too expensive to clean with just any towel. You’ll need a reliable, expert towel supply and service that suits your unique needs and standards better. For top-notch print towels, trust only Clean Uniforms and More!

Special Towels, Special Care

Clean Uniforms and More! offers high-quality, expertly maintained print towels delivered right to your doorstep:

  • High-absorption, low-lint quality. These special towels feature optimum absorption capacity to effectively clean up inks, solvents, and other spills. The towels also shed minimum lint, way less than regular cleaning towels so you can worry less about contaminating and ruining your sensitive printing plates, presses, and other parts of your expensive printing equipment.
  • Durable for multiple uses. These specialized print towels are made to meet your company’s most pressing demands – better and longer. They retain their absorbent quality through multiple uses and intense washing.  
  • Processed expertly for the graphics and printing industry. Clean Uniforms and More! makes sure to process and handle these print towels in isolation to prevent contamination that could be bad for your printing equipment.

Engineered to Meet Your Industry’s Needs

From the careful transportation to expert laundry processing, Clean Uniforms and More! works only towards bringing you the safest, most effective solutions that are specific to your business and to your company.

This translates to improved efficiency, better results, and long-term savings for your business.

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You can’t get print towel service better, more effective, or more satisfactory than what we offer at Clean Uniforms and More! Contact us today at (800) 32-CLEAN and get started on the towel service that will change the way you do business.