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Are you truly getting your money’s worth from your bath, bar, and kitchen towels? Put an end to your doubts and get better, reliable towel services for your business! Get it only from Clean Uniforms and More!

Clean Uniforms and More! is your number one source and one-stop shop for your towel needs. Whether you’re looking for bath towels for employees or client use, or multi-purpose towels for cleaning, Clean Uniforms and More! has them all.

Bath, Bar and Kitchen Towels from Clean Uniforms and More!

We supply a top-notch selection of bath, bar, and kitchen towels, selected and maintained according to some of the highest standards in the market today.

Made of highly absorbent natural cotton material. Our towels are all made of natural cotton material that guarantees superior absorbency than your usual commercial towel options. As a result, they’re ideal for your various towel needs.

Superior durability to give you more uses out of each towel. Clean Uniforms and More! towels can endure not only intense daily use, but the even more intensive laundering process. That translates to increased value.

Reusable, eco-friendly towels for various purposes. Reusable towels, processed by a certified eco-friendly facility, is the key to greenifying your operations. We reduce your carbon footprint and the financial burden due to waste management. All without reducing the quality and satisfaction you get for your towels!  

Your most cost-efficient option. Clean Uniforms and More! offers some of the most competitive pricing available in our market today. Our services allow you long-term cost savings while for better quality products!  

Customization options available! Looking to align your bath, kitchen and bar towels with the rest of your branding efforts? We have the service for that! Contact us today to inquire about our customization services and to learn more about which options suit your needs best.

About Clean Uniforms and More!

Since 1919, Clean Uniforms and More! has been championing for effective and efficient laundry and linen services. We use various tools and technologies to deliver complete satisfaction for all our customers. Our 98% customer retention rate speaks our success in that mission. 

Additionally, our processing plants utilize some of the latest and best laundry technologies in the industry. Combined with our industry expertise and unmatched dedication to quality and excellence, we bring you a great advantage regarding linen and uniform supply.   

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