Microfiber Dry Mops

microfiber dry mop

Dirt and dust don’t belong on your business floors. Keep them out and keep them out effectively with the right microfiber dry mops from Clean Uniforms and More!

What Microfiber Dry Mops By Clean Uniform and More! Offer

We offer the best solution for your floor care needs:

Microfiber Dry Mops Are A Powerful Floor-Cleaning Tool

Microfiber is the most innovative cleaning material today. It can pick up dust better than other mophead materials in the market. Its innovative, thin fibers can get into the tiniest nooks and cracks, picking up every bit of dust along the way.

Safe for Every Type of Flooring

Microfiber mops also boast some of the softest cleaning materials, making them ideal and safe to use even on delicate flooring. No scratching, no dirt or debris left behind. These microfiber dry mops toe a thin line, but get it right every time! 

Durability and Quality Guaranteed

Clean Uniforms and More! makes sure that only the best mops end up in your cleaning caddy. We have a consistent, multi-step quality control procedure at different stages of your service to ensure the quality, durability, and functionality of your microfiber mops.

Easy, Professional Maintenance

Clean Uniforms and More! ensures optimum convenience and hygiene with our professional mop maintenance. Every mop is clean, safe, and ready to take on all your cleaning challenges. With us, you can expect nothing less than the best results, every single time.

The Only Mop Rental Service You’ll Ever Need

Clean Uniforms and More! offers the only commercial mop rental in New England you’ll ever need. We take away every last bit of inconvenience from your mop inventory. Our on-time and regular replacement deliveries provide consistent access to clean and ready-to-use floor mops at your disposal. Our customer support takes care of all your mop concerns. Additionally, our top-notch floor mops make sure you get the results that you need with less effort.

 And all it takes is one call.

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