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How Uniform Service Reduces Business Costs

With uniform service, are uniforms are more consistently presentable? Of course. Are uniforms cleaner and better fitting: absolutely! Consistently clean uniforms are good for your brand, and uniform service makes achieving it easy. But can uniform service reduce business costs? Yes the can! 

How to Make Your Industrial Facility More Green

Working towards sustainability, both from the business and personal sense, is such a noble goal. Unfortunately, it is a little challenging to achieve, especially for industrial facilities. How can you possibly make your industrial facility more green?

The Importance of Clean Lab Coats

How clean are your lab coats? For as long as they’ve been around, lab coats have since been associated with hygiene and healthcare services. An unfortunate irony is that most professionals’ white coats are not as clean as they should be.

How to Keep Your Industrial Workers Safe

With all the hazards they contain, jobs in industrial settings are some of the most dangerous. Keeping your industrial workers safe should always be a top priority, especially during these challenging times.

COVID-19 Response from CLEAN

At CLEAN, we understand there is uncertainty with COVID-19. We want you to know that we are here to help support your business in any way that we can. Here is our response:

Guide to Casual Wear by Clean Uniforms and More!

Though Clean Uniforms and More! is mostly known for our professionally-fitted and -laundered work uniforms, we also carry stylish casual wear. For the finest casual wear rental for your business, Clean Uniforms and More! is the best supplier around!  Here’s what we offer:

The Importance of High-Quality Outerwear in the Winter Months

It’s no secret that winter is a dangerous time of year for outdoor workers, even with adequate protection. The importance of quality outerwear during these months can’t be stressed enough. To ensure your business has everything it needs to keep things moving, you need the right uniform supplier. You’ll find what you need any time […]

Become a Route Sales Representative with Clean Uniforms and More!

If you’re sales-minded, a clean driver, and have the track-record to prove it, Clean Uniforms and More! wants to talk. We’re looking for Route Service Representatives in Manchester, CT, Londonderry, NH, and New Bedford, MA who are ready to maintain and expand our current routes. Anybody with a track record of acquiring new business through […]